Before starting on your new landscape design, survey your area and make some notes; you cannot concretely consider certain landscape decorating ideas unless you identify what kind of climate you are living in, how much you are willing to spend and how much space you have to work with. Additionally, as you browse several landscape ideas and landscape pictures and make notes about the designs and landscapes that really jump out at you, keep in mind what level of ongoing maintenance is actually feasible.

If you love working with plants, a large rose or vegetable garden is the perfect use of land; if you live in a hot or dry area, consider drought-tolerant landscape ideas. Image result for play garden design If you have younger kids, consider what they would enjoy as well, such as a large grassy area or a playground, swing set or pool. Think about what your family would use the most, as well as what would help boost your resell value in the long run. Image result for orchid garden backyard Lastly, when it comes to landscapes, be sure to consider different front and backyard ideas, as they are separate entities that serve two very different purposes. What plants should I add to my landscape? When browsing landscape photos, think about curb appeal above all else; landscape designs are your chance to make a great first impression. A flower garden is a great option, but if ongoing care is a concern, you can simplify the process by opting for low-maintenance succulents, bushes or hedges instead. Image result for shrubs garden If you don't have a green thumb, consider simple and easy-to-implement landscape design ideas, such as grass, gravel pathways, water features, statues, wood fences or stone walls. What features should I have in my garden or backyard?

While landscapes are seen as a primarily aesthetic component, there are additions you can incorporate in your landscape design to make it as functional as possible. The garden can be designed for entertaining and playtime with seating, dining areas, play spaces and sunny relaxation spots. Image result for vegetable garden A vegetable or flower garden is a common yard staple, especially if you add an interesting element like a pergola, arbor, walkway or fence. If you’re looking for lively landscape decorating ideas, consider adding fun accessories like birdbaths and feeders. Image result for bird feeder deck garden

For the ultimate party house, incorporate a pool and patio, or consider a deck with a fire pit, outdoor fireplace, barbecue and/or outdoor kitchen. If you're an active, sports-loving family, add a basketball or volleyball court, or set up a bocce ball or croquet area. And don't forget about furniture! Image result for garden furniture for small garden A bench in

a garden makes a great reading or meditation spot, while a weatherproof chaise lounge, sofa and chair are nice for soaking up those sunny days. Originally posted by Houzz:


• PURCHASER decides to buy a house • VENDOR decides to sell their house • REALTOR gives vendor’s attorney and purchaser’s attorney offer to purchase • Both attorneys contact their respective clients to obtain personal information, discuss the sales process and retainer, and conduct a title and caveat* search • Vendor’s attorney provides the Purchaser’s attorney with a draft sales agreement and copy duplicate certificate of title • Purchaser’s attorney reviews the agreement, Purchaser signs and returns 3 copies of the agreement to the Vendor’s attorney along with a 10% deposit of the sales price, and half cost for agreement • Vendor’s attorney receives signed agreement • Vendor signs the agreements • Vendor’s attorney provides Purchaser’s attorney with a duly executed copy of the agreement, deposit receipt, copy title, and Statement of Account • Vendor’s attorney submits one signed agreement to Stamp Office for assessment of transfer tax (5% of sale price) and stamp duty (4% of sale price) • Vendor’s attorney receives notice of assessment and submits it to the Stamp Office along with the fully signed agreement, and sums for transfer tax and stamp duty so that sale agreement may be stamped.

Procedure for mortgage financing

• Purchaser obtains Surveyor’s ID and Valuation Reports and submits to mortgage company • Vendor’s attorney provides Purchaser’s attorney with the following documents:- receipt for deposit, Statement of Account, signed sale Agreement, up-to-date certificate of payment for taxes, most recent water bill and receipt, maintenance and insurance coverage if applicable • Purchaser provides mortgage company with documents received from Vendor’s Attorney, Valuation and surveyor’s ID reports • If Purchaser is approved for the mortgage, the mortgage company will provide the vendor’s Attorney with a Letter of Undertaking on behalf of the Purchaser.

Procedure for cash financing

• Purchaser’s Attorney verifies and receives source of funds and pays the balance to Vendor’s Attorney • After balance is paid by cash or confirmed by Letter of Undertaking, the Vendor’s Attorney will send the instrument of Transfer to the Purchaser’s Attorney to have the purchaser sign and return same to Vendor’s Attorney • Vendor’s Attorney will add together the deposit, sums anticipated from letter of undertaking and any further payments made by the Purchaser to see if there is a shortfall • Once shortfall is paid and the signed Instrument of Transfer has been received, the Vendor’s Attorney will send the Instrument of Transfer to the Vendor for his signature • Vendor’s Attorney receives signed Instrument of Transfer from Vendor and submit instrument to Stamp Office along with the stamped agreement and transfer tax certificate for cross stamping • Vendor’s Attorney receives cross stamped Instrument of Transfer and submits to mortgage company (if financing is by mortgage). If financing is by cash, vendor’s Attorney lodges the following documents to the Titles Office: -Cross Stamped Instrument of Transfer -Transfer Tax certificate -Duplicate certificate of Title -Registration Fees

Note: if purchase is by way of mortgage, the purchaser will sign a mortgage deed which will be submitted along with the above documents along with an application for the mortgage company to be registered as the proprietor of a mortgage Title is registered and Vendor’s Attorney sends copy of endorsed title to Purchaser’s Attorney (if cash transaction), or requests copy title from mortgage company (if mortgage)

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